Sunday, May 3, 2015

Loveland Co PE Show

Loveland Co PE Show

This is the first booth at a gun show with Baro Cook I have done. I like how my booth setup talked to many of the vendors and there was a fair to good crowd of customers who were intrigued with the flameless cooking. 

We stopped on at Carl Jr's for a breakfast biscuit, but when I got my booth uncovered I had a couple interested vendors so before I got to eat my sandwich it was cold.  I put my sandwich in the 28oz pan and used a 20g heat pack to demo how they work and reheated my sandwich - Worked great!! 

I made the brown sign to be a table runner and I think I will make a banner that fits between my grid for the next show.  Which I will post here for those who follow the PE shows or Tanner show - I can't be at all of them like most of the vendors but you can find me here online anytime! Shop from the top left tab ** free shipping is the May Special ** 

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