Saturday, May 30, 2015

Creamy Roast Beef & Corn

Creamy Roast Beef & Corn

I made this for the 10oz Baro. as a light lunch for 1.
You can do it for the larger one just adjust the ingredients.

(used the spoork because it is all I had - it is approx 2 tsp)

Take the bowl out of the black plastic now, in the 10oz Baro it is tight and it is hard to remove the bowl after you have the food in it without spilling, or at least for me it is.  :)

Put liner in the bowl, then add meal and water to rehydrate it.

Creamy Roast Beef & Corn ****
2 spoons of Creamy White Sauce
2-4 spoons of Roast Beef FD
2-4 spoons of Sweet Corn FD
Let rehydrate in 4 Tablespoons water for 5 min or so.

Ready to cook?  Add 4 Tablespoons water to the heat pack., 
Lock on the lid and let it cook!

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