Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Clean up is a Snap!

Clean up is a Snap!

I experimented with Reynolds Oven bags to see if they would work with the heat the Baro created.
I am happy to say YES!!!
It is SO easy to clean up!!

I actually found some Turkey size bags in the cupboard that I never used so I cut it up to fit the cooker and the largest challenge was to remember to use the line when I used the cooker. I found that a 16 x 17 bag would make 3 liners for the 28oz or 44oz cook box. I cut the bag across approx 8" up from the closed bottom and then opened both sides of the remaining piece and it worked well. I will have to try different size bags to see what I like best.

But I totally liked not having to CLEAN the pot after eating each meal.

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