Sunday, April 12, 2015

Shepard's Pie

I'm traveling for work and this hotel had no microwave or refrigerator. 
Good thing I packed by travel supper kit.  

  1. Flameless Cooker - I like the 2 Cup size best.
  2. Heat packs - I take one for each meal I pack.
  3. ** Meal in a Bag
  4. *Spork - because hotel plastics are just darn right flimsy if you even can find any.
  5. *Silicone pot holder.

Tonight while working in Phoenix at the CKC Scrapbook show I made Shepherds Pie for my supper. After a long day on my feet a cold drink and a hot supper was just what I needed.

I re-hydrated the potato beads in the stainless bowl first. After the beads hydrated for about 5 min and were a thick consistency I tilted the cooker so the potatoes were on one side then added the meat & veggie portion with the water necessary to re-hydrate them to the other side. Let sit for 5 min to re-hydrate and then added water to the heat pack, snapped on the lid and took a shower.

Dinner was ready, let it cool a little and I was ready for Dinner & a Movie!
YUM a keeper - Will do it again.

* If you are a light traveler you don't need as much as I take. But I find I like using everything in my travel kit and have room since I have a suitcase and it all fits easily.

** I have been doing Meal in a Jar recipes with friends monthly. At the same time make some that are one serving size and seal them in a Food Saver Bag for travel meals. 

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