Sunday, April 12, 2015

Scrambled Eggs at the airport.

Rise & Shine early traveler!!!

After working the weekend for Best Scrapbook Organizers at the Scrapbook Expo in  Pleasanton, CA I had to leave the hotel for an early flight.  Being one of the first few thru TSA, I was ready for coffee and breakfast before the flight.  I bought coffee and then made Scrambled Eggs Casserole to eat along with my Starbucks coffee.

Whats for breakfast?
Scrambled eggs with sausage, peppers & cheese.
Cost: $2.20 + $1.00 for heat pack = $3.20
(FD food = eggs, sausage, cheese, onions, & peppers including the food saver bag I had it sealed in)

Remember to pack:
- water measure
my favorite is from the Container Store.
It is a iSi Basics 2oz measure.
It is small flexible & easy to stow in the cooker when not in use.

-Spork or good quality spoon/fork.
I only had a cheap disposable spoon once. It flexed and got soft when I ate my hot lunch! I made it but decided to invest in a good travel spork.

- Water bottle empty
to fill from a water fountain after you go past security.

- Napkins, several places in airport have these if you forget.

- add less water than you think,
its easy to add more if needed.

- Do Not put hot used heat pack in trash can  is it is hot
and my not have used all of it's energy yet!
Let it completely cool before you dispose of it.

-- This Starbucks breakfast was $9.61 (thanks to my friend for letting me take the photo of her breakfast)

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