Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Meals on the Go!! You can make it easy and Healthy.

On the go meals for one.
I prefer a 1.5 cup breakfast or lunch,  or a 2 cup dinner - adjust for what YOU prefer.

I like using Freeze Dried food. Because it is convient, cost effective and I like the taste and long shelf life. I make my Meal in a Jar or bag and seal it so it's ready to add water and cook. I know what is in it - sale, soy, additives, seasonings, spices etc and can tailor it to our likes and needs.

At first I tried and used several brands of Freeze Dried foods, doing taste tests of our own. I found I prefer  dry seasonings and instant noodles for fast meals. After using and testing different Freeze Dried food brands I found that we liked different things from each and that not everything is offered by everyone. Best of all we liked getting it at a discount so I did become my own Thrive Life constant.  Options are always good and we all like different things.

In microwave safe bowl -
Put  1/2 of the called for hot water stir in FD food,  and let set 10-15 min. to re-hydrate. Next more water thinner consistency (soup)  or if all ingredients don't look like they are fully re-hydrated.  Microwave another 1-2 min on high and enjoy.
 I use my Sistema red 22oz cup w/ locking lid.

No Microwave or Refrigerator? No problem.... 
In a Flameless cooker:  Separate components of the cooker.
1 - In metal bowl put 1/2 cup water and the contents of the meal bag. 
      Let set for 15 min to re-hydrate the FD food.
2 - When ready to cook food
      - place the heat pack in the bottom bowl and add the water to the heat pack.
3 - Place the metal bowl with the food on top of the activated heat pack and lock on the lid.
      - Let it alone for 10-15  minutes. Open, stir, pull out the metal food bowl and add remaining water, reinsert food bowl and lock on the lid.
Let set for another 10-15 minutes and enjoy.

The Magic Cook, Kindle Cook, BaroCook, and TrekMates are flameless cooking systems
that will cook, heat, and Sterilize without a flame.

With the technology of the MRE flameless heater you will never need a flame to heat up a drink or cook a hot meal.
The cooking temperature will reach 208 degrees with an average cooking temp of 203 degrees. Within 15-25 minutes you will have a nice warm meal ready to serve.  

Cooks Pastas and Rice under 20 minutes, Cooks Mountian House, Homemade meal pouches using your own Freeze Dried Foods, MRE, Paleo Meals to Go,  Soups, Skillet Meals, and even hot water for hot drinks. Liquids boil in under 10 minutes.

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